M y philosophy about massage is all about your transformation.  Enveloping your ENTIRE being as one is the recipe for your success.  Loving your soul is imperative with every touch and every breath we are gifted with,...



I am Luana Joya Lucia, Founder and Facilitator of Santi Sacred Massage International.  Together, we are celebrating over 23 years of sharing my heart, soul and hands with the global community. 

YOU are invited to be next  ~

This is a Santi Sacred Deeply Healing Experience through the art and intensity of  bodywork and Sweet Medicine Energy where all members of your family are welcome and will benefit greatly.  Assisting clients from in vitro to 110 years of age with a healing massage experience of a lifetime.  You will relieve decades of pressure within your body temple, exhausting dis-ease which if not addressed and freed up, can turn into disease. 


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1st Time Client Special:

$80 for a Blissed In 90 minutes of Slumber!

{Generally $160 when purchased individually}  



My friends call me Joya which means deep joy.  If you are looking for a Professional Massage Practitioner who is in love with her career, is passionate and present with the sessions you have with her, then you have come to the right place.  I am a licensed practitioner, celebrating over 40,000 full massage sessions.  I am highly skilled and experienced in a variety of potently effective modalities, styles, techniques and methods most of which I have created over the years through 'masterpiecing my own dance'. 

Having been gifted with the nurturing touch of an Angel and the powerful skill of a Gladiator, your therapies leave you feeling loved unconditionally, feeling like you have lost years of built up pressure, while feeling 2 inches taller, pounds lighter and looking years younger .... guaranteed!

I can arrive at your home, your place of business, your resort suite, or under your favorite Cottonwood tree ready to give you a massage of a lifetime!  I have a comfortable table and I love to travel; locally and globally.
Or, you can come to my 'retreat style' cottage, which is your own safe sanctuary and refuge, away from the outside world with the basecamp in Phoenix, AZ, USA tucked away in the Arcadia area. 

We can not escape the influence that our lives have on the lives of others.  This is why each session is like the very first one I have ever shared with you.  Whether it be the first one or the hundredth, your experience will be special.  Yours and yours alone!  I add the professional in the title Professional Massage Practitioner.  I am still on fire for my passion, and that passion is facilitating a tremendous massage experience with you each time you come in. 
After you read my protocol and resonate with my character, feel free to request an appointment by clicking on the "Request a Session" page.  You are also welcome to phone me by utilizing my 'contact numbers'.  I will answer any questions you may have.  Please leave a message as I look forward to hearing from you.
"One is never too young nor old, to experience "the lightness of being" aka "the empty fullness" within their bodies .... the feeling of not feeling your aches, fears, indecisions and worries .... Literally replacing those thoughts with sincere gratitude, deep joy, understanding, and personal validation."
~ Luana Joya Lucia, Your Santi Sacred Facilitator

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